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SK Food International held its first annual Grower Days, August 29 and 30, at its wholly-owned subsidiary, SK Food Specialty Processing, in Moorhead, MN.
SK Food International, a contract producer and licensed and bonded grain buyer, supplies a full line of Identity Preserved ingredients including Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO: dry beans, grains, seeds, soybeans, brans/germs, cocoa products, flours, oils and vinegars, meals, sweeteners, rice products, split/dehulled soybeans and instant powders/flakes to a worldwide market.


The first day of the event focused on organic; while the second day touched on conventional production. The Grower Days included speaker David Nelson of CHEM-FREE Precision Ag Service, a show plot tour and a tour of SK Food Specialty Processing facility. Dinner was provided by Famous Dave's BBQ.


Ron Schlecht, SK Food Crop Production Manager, notes, “this event gave us an opportunity to provide agronomic information to our growers and was a great way to connect with them in person. We look forward to expanding the Grower Days in future years, as we felt this year's event was a great success.”


SK Food also announced the winners of its Master Farmer award during the Grower Days. Through the Master Farmer program, SK Food rewards its contracted growers who deliver the best food grade quality product. Judging parameters for the award are based on quality factors such as cracked skins, dirt stains, splits, moisture, etc. The factors were judged from the incoming grades given on each load delivered to SK Food Specialty Processing . Winners of the award for each qualifying category are as follows:



Conventional 702 & Thunder 0598 Soybeans

Master Farmer: Tom Trautman, Jamestown, ND

1st Runner Up: Brian Borge, Ada, MN

2nd Runner Up: Marlin Stokke, Grandin, ND


Conventional SK214 Soybeans

Master Farmer: Milt Limesand, Marion, ND

1st Runner Up: William Koeppe, Claire City, SD

2nd Runner Up: Randy Hajek, Davenpor, ND


General Organic Soybean Varieties: SK972 Soybeans

Master Farmer: Brad Johnson, Warren, MN

1st Runner Up: Jack Christensen, Battle Lake, MN

2nd Runner Up: N/A


Organic Dry Edible Beans

Master Farmer: Wes Benjamin, Park Rapids, MN

1st Runner Up: Kelly and Matt Mason, Fessenden, ND

2nd Runner Up: N/A



Ron Schlecht added, “the Master Farmer program is a great way for us to thank our growers for their effort and consciousness in growing a quality crop.”
SK Food will start collecting data for the 2007 crop award as loads start delivering to SK Food Specialty Processing this fall.

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