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SK Food International Introduces Chia Seed


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SK Food International, Inc.


Fargo , ND – SK Food International introduces Identity Preserved Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO Chia Seed to its extensive line of Premium Quality Ingredients. SK Food International offers both black and white chia seed, also known as Salvia Hispanica L.

Chia seed is touted as the new “superfood,” boasting health claims similar to flaxseed, such as high omega-3's. It is high also high in protein, calcium and fiber, as well as gluten-free and trans-fat free. Lacking much flavor, the seed may be easily incorporated into foods to increase health benefits, without affecting the overall taste.


“We are pleased to be able to offer both certified organic and conventional chia seed, as supply was limited until recently. Our production area is diverse, including areas of South America and Mexico ,” notes Paul Berglund, SK Food International Procurement Manager.


Product applications include, but are not limited to baking, cereals, snack foods, confections, supplements and oil. Available packaging sizes include 50 LB bags, bulk 2,000 LB totes and bulk truckload.

SK Food International supplies a full line of Premium Quality Ingredients including Identity Preserved: Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO soybeans, grains, seeds, dry edible beans, flours/meals, rice products, vegetable oils, vinegars, brans/germs/fibers, instant powders/flakes, split/dehulled soybeans and sweeteners to a worldwide market.







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