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SK Food International Introduces Expeller Non-GMO Canola Oil

Fargo , ND – SK Food International, a leader in the production and processing of Identity Preserved, certified organic, and non-GMO oils and grains, is pleased to announce the newest addition to its extensive line of oils: expeller non-GMO high oleic canola and canola oil. This canola oil is produced from select North American Identity Preserved non-GMO canola seed. It is low in saturated fats and has zero trans fat, in addition to containing a healthy blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


In addition, SK Food International uses mechanical expeller pressing to separate oil from the seed or grain. The oil is then naturally refined, bleached, and deodorized. In contrast, many conventional non-GMO oils are extracted using chemical solvents, such as hexane. “We are also pleased to note that this product is currently enrolled in the Non-GMO Project,” adds LeAnn Hovdenes, SK Food International.


Hovdenes explains, “due to its high stability which allows for longer fry times and shelf life and resistance to off flavors, canola oil works well as an ingredient in many applications. Possible applications include salad dressing, mayonnaise, cooking oil, snack foods, and fried foods.”

Pack sizes available include 55 gallon drums (420 lbs), IBC plastic and cardboard disposable totes (2,000 lbs), bulk tanker truck (48,000 lbs), and railcar upon request.


In addition to non-GMO corn oil, SK Food International offers the following oils as both Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO: sunflower, safflower, soybean, corn, coconut, peanut, sesame, almond, grape seed, hazelnut, pumpkin, and walnut. SK Food International supplies a full line of Premium Quality Ingredients including Identity Preserved: Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO dry edible beans, grains, seeds, soybeans, brans/germs/fibers, flours/meals, vinegars, sweeteners, rice products, split/dehulled soybeans and instant powders/flakes.



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Last Updated: August 15, 2017

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