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SK Food International's Premium Identity program is a rigorous step-by-step Identity Preservation program which ensures the integrity of its certified organic and conventional non-GMO ingredients to meet SK Food's Premium Quality Ingredient (PQI) standards. Identity Preservation allows ingredients to be traced from the farmer's field to the finished product.


SK Food's Premium Identity program manages each production stage from seed selection, planting, growing, harvesting, storage, transportation, processing, packaging and delivery. This is possible with the support of SK Food's qualified growers, staff, certified third-party inspection agencies, certified third-party laboratories, processors, including SK Food Specialty Processing , and trucking companies.


Although SK Food has had its Premium Identity Program in place for many years, it just recently publicized the program due to increased demand by its customers for traceable ingredients. Jennifer Tesch, SK Food's Marketing Director states, “with increasing demand for Identity Preserved products in response to food traceability as a result of food safety issues, we knew it was important to inform our customers of our process for Identity Preservation. Since we have had this system in place for a long time we feel it is very established and thorough.”


Tesch notes “our Premium Identity program's success is accredited to our belief in realizing our mission statement : to continually exceed our customer, producer, and supplier expectations with high quality products and service , and our belief and practice in the Kaizen concept of continuous improvement in all areas of our business. ”


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